Wide Mouth Funnel


The Wide Mouth Funnel is a basic canning funnel that has been repurposed by The Blind Kitchen to place a food, such as a whipped or ice cream topping on top of another food, such as a piece of pie, without touching the food or the topping. It can also be used as a regular funnel.


Why Blind-Friendly:

Funnels are a very useful tool for transferring foods from one container to another, whether liquid or powdered, as they provide a larger target than the opening of the container they are being transferred to. The Blind Kitchen has repurposed this funnel to allow the blind cook to be able to place the funnel on a food that they wish to place a topping of some sort – such as whipped cream or ice cream on a slice of pie. The funnel can be placed on the pie in advance of the topping and this can be done without the cook’s fingers touching the piece of pie. Once the funnel is in place, a scoop of ice cream or whip cream can be placed inside the funnel. The funnel is then lifted straight up and the topping is in place and attractive.


Read Physical Description and Care below.

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Physical Description and Care

The Wide Mouth Funnel is made of sturdy food-grade plastic and has a smooth finish. The opening of the top of the funnel is 5 inches in diameter. The bottom hole of the funnel, which can be placed inside the mouth of a jar, is two and one-half inches in diameter. The handle, which is attached to the upper opening is two inches long and one inch wide. It can be hand or machine washed.