XL Box Grater


The sturdy XL Box Grater allows food to be easily sliced, grated, or shredded into different shapes and sizes.


Why Blind Friendly?

Cutting food into consistently sized shapes and slices can be a challenge with sight loss. It can also be slow and tedious to accomplish this task when using a knife. This tool makes it easy to shred, grate, or slice foods consistently. It has a rubber handle and base for a safe grip and non-slip stability. Because the cut food is contained in the rectangular center of the four walls of the XL Box Grater, it is easy to keep track of the small pieces.


Read Use and Care below.

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Use and Care:

The Blind Kitchen strongly recommends that you use our Cut Glove when using the XL Box Grater to protect the hand that is holding the food. Choose the side you want and starting at the top, slide the food downward while pressing gently and the blades will cut the food into smaller pieces. The pieces or slices of food will be found in the center of the “box” of the grater.

It is made of food safe rubber and stainless steel so it will never rust or stain. It can be hand or machine washed and dried. The rubber base can be removed for a more thorough cleaning and easily replaced when dry.