Speaking Out for the Blind

Chef Debra with pie earrings and a snowflake pin

It was a pleasure talking with Brian McCallen host of the Speaking Out for the Blind show. He was so warm and funny and put me at ease almost immediately.  

Take a listen to learn a bit more about the journey and evolution of The Blind Kitchen and be sure to listen to Brian’s other interviews with a focus on inspiring blind and vision-impaired people to pursue their dreams!

Host of Speaking Out for the Blind, Brian McCallen, interviews Chef Debra Erickson

Happy cooking!

Chef Debra

Next steps

TheBlindKitchen.com offers adaptive tools, helpful strategies, and specialized knowledge to blind and visually impaired people who want to cook safely, confidently, and independently. Our collections are available online as are our short instructional videos. Shipping is always free! Everyone has a place at the table in The Blind Kitchen!