Tek Talk Interview with Debra Erickson

In March 2023 the Accessible World Tek Talk team reached out to Debra Erickson, executive chef and founder of The Blind Kitchen, to request an interview to discuss adaptive culinary tools and cooking strategies for people with vision loss. Debra has significant vision loss due to Retinitis Pigmentosa and was the only blind student in Culinary School. When she is not working in The Blind Kitchen, she teaches Cooking at the Oregon Commission for the Blind to adults with vision loss.

In this interview with host Larry Gassman, Debra talks about herself, her love of teaching, and how adaptive culinary tools and cooking strategies can help people with vision loss cook safely, confidently, and independently in their own kitchens.

What a wonderful experience I had in my interview with Tek Talk.  The team was so professional and entertaining.  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share The Blind Kitchen with your enthusiastic audience.

Debra Erickson, Executive Chef and Founder of The Blind Kitchen

Next steps

TheBlindKitchen.com offers adaptive tools, helpful strategies, and specialized knowledge to blind and visually impaired people who want to cook safely, confidently, and independently. Our collections are available online as are our short instructional videos. Shipping is always free! Everyone has a place at the table in The Blind Kitchen!