The Blind Kitchen Has Accepted TV Show Challenge

Chef Debra Erickson

Hello friends of The Blind Kitchen!

Exciting news! The Blind Kitchen has accepted the blind cooking challenge from Cooking Without Looking TV Show!

The Challenge

Chef Debra Erickson
Chef Debra Erickson

The challenge is this: A person with vision loss (in this case Chef Debra) selects a recipe to cook in real time on the show. Then, a person who does not have vision loss, takes the challenge to prepare the same recipe BLINDFOLDED!  

I am honored that Chef Earl Frederick, my McClaskey Culinary Institute chef instructor has accepted the challenge!

When it’s happening

On Friday, June 21st at 12 pm PST, the blind cooking challenge will begin. Chef Debra will prepare the recipe first, describing in detail what she is doing and the tools and strategies she uses as she cooks. Then, it will be Chef Earl’s turn.

The Challenger

Chef Earl Frederick in a white chef's coat.
Chef Earl Frederick

Chef Frederick has nearly 20 years of experience as an executive chef, culinary arts instructor, kitchen manager and catering chef. He has held chef positions with Walt Disney World, Club Med, Nike and Intel. Currently a tenured professor Cuisine Management at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington, he is also actively involved with both the Vancouver and Camas Farmer’s Markets.

I appreciate that he was willing to accept this challenge – he is a phenomenal chef, but his willingness to perform blindfolded makes me respect him even more!

Chef Debra Erickson

This is the link to watch the show: Cooking Without Looking TV Show

Join us for the fun!