What’s Cooking Discussion Group

There is more than one way to access and read recipes with vision loss. In fact, there are more ways than I can actually count!

Recently I listened to a Zoom podcast about recipes and cooking sponsored by Hadley, an organization whose mission is to create personalized learning opportunities that empower adults with vision loss or blindness to thrive – at home, at work, and in their communities.

Take a listen below and sign up for the Hadley discussion group: What’s Cooking. The discussions are always practical, intelligent, and directed at people who like to cook in spite of their vision loss.

As you know, recipes in The Blind Kitchen are always accessible. Check them out on our Recipes page.

What's Cooking Zoom podcast
What’s Cooking podcast

Next steps

TheBlindKitchen.com offers adaptive tools, helpful strategies, and specialized knowledge to blind and visually impaired people who want to cook safely, confidently, and independently. Our collections are available online as are our short instructional videos. Shipping is always free! Everyone has a place at the table in The Blind Kitchen!