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White Canes Connect podcast: Exploring The Blind Kitchen, Chef Debra Erickson's Culinary Vision

Exploring The Blind Kitchen: Chef Debra Erickson’s Culinary Vision

White Canes Connect podcast hosts, David Goldstein and Lisa Bryant, really made me feel at ease, and there was a lot of humor going back and forth. What great chemistry they generated to make me feel so very comfortable in our conversation.

Chef Debra

In this episode discover the unique techniques Chef Debra employs in the kitchen, relying on her innovative tools to craft exquisite dishes. She explains how she learned the techniques while at culinary school after she lost her sight.

Chef Debra tells us about some of the tools she uses. Some were made specifically for people who are blind, while others were made for anyone in the kitchen.

Whether you’re a food enthusiast, advocate for inclusiveness, or simply curious about remarkable journeys, this episode offers resonating insights. Join us to gain a fresh perspective on ability, creativity, and the unifying power of a shared meal.

Enjoy the podcast!

White Canes Connect podcast hosts David Goldstein and Lisa Bryant talk with Chef Debra Erickson

Tools Described in the Podcast:

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